CamGenics films two ADP airports for Pavillon Noir, Paris

Airport De Paris (ADP), the world leader in airport operations, is the company that manages a unique network of 28 airports all over the world. 

CamGenics, working for Pavillon Noir, a leading agency based in Paris, France, was commissioned to film two airports: Queen Alia International Airport, the main airport in Amman, Jordan and King Abdul Aziz Airport, the main airport of Al Madina in Saudi Arabia.

“We filmed diverse footage at the airport: inside, outside, from the air and ground, even on the tarmacs to film airplane take-offs and landings. We also filmed in several formats: drama style, footage for commercial use, the whole processes of walk-in-to-gate and walk-out routes of a passenger. We were also commissioned to take hundreds of high-resolution photographs inside, out,” said Ramzi Khoury, CEO of CamGenics.

“Filming at airports is complex due to the high security measures to bring equipment in, get into off-passenger locations and we even had to get approvals for our drones to get in the airspace of the no-fly zone; all airports enjoy. We had to have the manufacturer of the drone disable the restrictions built in so that our gear can operate within the parameters of airports,” explained Khoury.

“The two jobs were done immaculately without glitch, and we are proud that the clients are happy with our work. We look forward to more of this type of thrilling action!”