Cinematic Film Production

The CamGenics team can take any production to the next level. Using state-of-the-art cinematic equipment, any product can be brought to life. From brainstorming concepts to scriptwriting, and storyboards, scouting, casting, costume design, and set design, our pre-production team ensures high-level quality from the start. The production team makes sure that the vision is reflected in reality. Our crew works together to bring out a perfect shot film. Our post-production team from editors to colorists and music composers brings out the life of the film. This is when you will get your cinematic wonder.

Media & Event Management

With CamGenics providing everything from event infrastructure to audience and attendees, venue, media coverage, social media, and live broadcast, we can take your event to the next level. We build the core concept of the event followed by the full coordination and control of that event including but not limited to the venue, scheduling, program, invitations for audiences and speakers, as well as media invitations. This is followed by event culmination. This is the height of event management, the event itself. We do all event team management, supplier/vendor coordination, crowd control, security, frontline management, backend management, and social media and media coverage (including live broadcasts where applicable). Once your successful event comes to a close, the CamGenics team moves to the final phase: the event closeout. This includes the review and evaluation, reporting, quality improvement, as well as reward and recognition to team members if applicable.
We do:
• Conferences & Conventions
• Concerts
• Festivals & Ceremonies

Broadcast and TV Services

Starting with the concept, all the way to implementation and broadcasting, CamGenics is the
production company for your TV pre-recorded programs, live broadcasts, and TVCs. We use state-ofthe-art equipment, a highly experienced crew, and a well-educated team of content creators to deliver you the best product.

Online Programs & Films

In today’s digital world, video content has become of utmost importance to brands and creators. Our professional videographers, producers, and marketers help take your online presence to the next level through both organic and paid growth.

Political & Elections Campaigns

At CamGenics, we campaign to win. Strategy is at the heart of our craft, and we develop the branding and messaging to be delivered to the right people using the most appropriate mechanisms which include anything from TV and digital ads to street signs, banners, and pamphlets. The CamGenics team manages the campaign from A to Z including all communications, media, speechwriting, fundraising, data and microtargeting, website development, political organizing, coalition building, and crisis management.

Corporate Services

The CamGenics team develops concepts and prepares scripts, storyboards, animation, and film production to obtain the best result. We do training videos, explainer videos, marketing videos, motion graphics, and product demo videos. On top of the production services, we also provide PR and Crisis management services. Our team of communicators and analysts.